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Year 2 - 2020

Come on, we're all glad THAT year is over!

It's that time of the year :)


Apparently there are two types of people in this world when it comes to Christmas; those who are like the character in the movie, Elf and those who aren't. I'm in the Elf "bucket" :) Yup, I love Christmas and while I'm not religious at all (sorry folks), I just love the spirit that is all around us at this time of the year. I love the way my son looks out into the night sky, wondering if Santa is out there, I love the smell of the cookies we're all baking together and I love he fact that, even in this crazy year, there's still a sense of hope. And, for me, that's what this time of the year is about; hope. The hope that next year we can and will do better that we will pull together and make things right.

We can but hope, right? :)

Anyway, as with all Christmas traditions, the one depicted in the new comic is one of ours. There's a certain movie that gets me in the spirit of things and when a certain scene happens, that's when Christmas begins. I hope the new comic brings a chuckle.

So, with that, I wish you all a very merry Christmas, a happy holiday and, as always, stay safe out there.

-G out

It finally happened!


Well, after four years of craziness, we appear to have turned the corner and hopefully things can get back to normal.


As Bill and Ted say, "Be good to one another" and I hope this new comic brings a chuckle :)


As always, stay safe out there.


-G out 

Thunder time

Once again this post was a little longer coming than I intended. Things in the real world have a nasty habit of creeping up on you and unfortunately the resultst of that is the little things often get pushed back. Urgh.

Anyway, it's been a CRAZY week the past week (week of November 2nd, 2020 for the future historians out there) and I hope everybody has been able to stay safe, sane and relatively sober throughout these tumultuous times. I think I have, well, now anyway :)

So, the new comic. For me, this has combined two of my favorite things. Classic animation (although I must admit to also loving the remake) and making fun of the English. Bwahahahaha! Yeah, it's my comic, my site and I can do what I want. :) However, regardless of that, I LOVED this show and so does my kid, which makes me happy and if it brings a chuckle to someone out there, then my work here is done for another month. So I hope you enjoy the new comic.

As always, stay safe out there.

- G out


The old lady and shenanigans


It's been two months since my last comic. Urgh. I blame 2020 for all it's craziness. However, aside from that, I hope everyone is keeping safe and sane. I hope that you can see a light at the end of the tunnel and, above all, I hope everyone is wearing a mask. Yup, I'm one of those people who believe in that simple crazy thing :)

Anyway, back to the comic. Yeah, It's been two months since I released one. I have no idea why it took me so long to do this one. Again, I just blame 2020 :) But this one, even for me, is pretty weird, I must admit. Whenever I would read nursery rhymes when I was was a kid, I'd always think of what would happen if things were somewhat different in them. Four and twenty blackbirds aged in a pie? I always thought those blackbirds would be pissed and somehow exact an awful revenge when they escaped, for example :)

So, this comic is along those lines. It's somewhat strange (no, it's really strange) but that's the way my mind works :) So, I hope you enjoy this latest comic and, as always, stay safe out there.

-G out

Hark to my past


Firstly, I hope everyone out there is keeping safe and sane during these crazy times we find ourselves in. Don't forget, stay home and save lives.

So the past few comics have been a window into the whole working from home situation we're in but while I had a few more ideas about that subject, I thought it best to resume normal programming and explore some weirdness and, I must admit, this new one is kinda weird :) For those who are not familiar with the source material, I apologize. Trust me, it exists and a quick search will find the books etc. However, for those who are aware, then I hope it brings a chuckle. 

So, without further ado, I present the latest comic, in all it's weird glory :)

As always, stay safe out there.

-G out

From the perspective of pets


Ah, working from home. From the parent's perspective things are (maybe) getting into a sort of routine and (again, maybe) this is becoming a new normal. But this got me thinking, how are our pets handling it? We have a German Shepherd who is pretty much in doggy-heaven at the moment. She gets a crazy amount of attention, almost an insane amount of walks and I imagine she would never want it to stop.


But then there's the cats. Ah, the cats. I wonder what our feline overlords are thinking of all this new attention. I've seen the videos of them on YouTube and way they look at us and you know, deep down, we are just their staff but can there be too much of a good thing in their minds? How are they handling all this :) Well, maybe the latest comic will shed some light on things.

Anyway, I hope you are all staying safe out there and look out for one another.


- G out 

The perils of working from home

Firstly, I hope everyone is staying safe in this troubling times of ours. Please remember to wash your hands often and to keep that social distancing up. Together we can beat this virus but and come out on the other side, hopefully, stronger.


Now, i'm sure many of you are now in the same boat where working from home is mandatory. So, how's that working out for you? For those of us with children, I've found that things are "interesting" to say the least. Now, it's not quite as bad as maybe in the latest comic (hey, artist's creative freedom, right? :) ) but I have found things do tend to get somewhat hectic during the day. However, what I have realized during this time is that teachers need to be paid TEN TIMES what they're paid now! Those people must have the patience of saints and schools need to be palaces!


Anyway, I hope you all stay safe (and sane) out there. Look out for one another and I hope you enjoy the latest comic :)


-G out  

Back to a classic

When I was on a flight to New Zealand, back in 2003, I stumbled upon a movie that made me laugh my ass off. Someone tapped my shoulder and asked me what I was watching, to which I paused the movie and, with tears running down my eyes, told her it was 'Finding Nemo'. She then started watching it and, in turn started laughing. This started a sort of chain reaction and within an hour, our whole section was laughing and, to this day, I love that movie.


But then it gets the Twistedverse treatment :) Yeah, it had to happen. OK, so it's not that bad but, what happens to our favorite characters when they grow up. Do they continue down the happy, joyful path or do they turn to the dark side :)


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new comic and that it brings a smile to your face.


Have a great one and, as always, stay safe out there in this crazy world of ours!


-G out

Toss a coin and new changes


Hello all and welcome! Before we begin with the comic, you may notice a change on this page, in that the comic stories have mysteriously disappeared. Well, I'd decided to try and tidy things up a bit so I created an archive section where I will be placing all the stories around the comics from the past year into. Accessing the comics stays the same i.e. click on that fancy 'Comic' word in the header above for the whole lot or the link that always appears in this sort of area.

So, the new comic. What's it about? I must admit to watching and rather enjoying, 'The Witcher'. I haven't read the books but sunk far too many hours into the games, predominately Witcher 3. Now, i'm sure any of you who have also watched have hummed the tune, "toss a coin..." hehehe, i've got you going again, right? :) But the one thing that stood out to me the most (yeah, blame my weird mind) was Geralt's rather charismatic sword, which I happily put into the latest comic, which I hope you will find somewhat amusing at least :)

Have a great one and, as always, stay safe out there in this crazy world of ours!

-G out


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you were able to ring in the New Year in style with your loved ones; be it friends or family.

This comic is only a short one. I decided to put a few characters together from over the past year. I hope you enjoy it :) Here's hoping 2020 will be rocking!

Have a great one and, as always, stay safe out there.

-G out

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