Mash-up time!

28th Jan 2019

The new comic is out and, i've got to admit, I had some fun thinking of this one and drawing it. Yes, yes, we all know my drawing skills are not exactly the best out there, but the whole concept made me chuckle and it was fun trying different things out with perspectives. Hey, trust me, for someone with the artistic talents of a drunk goat whose having a really bad day, being able to even think about altering the perspectives is a big thing/achievement! :)

However, whenever I draw a comic, it always makes me think of those people who do it professionally and, while i've always had respect for comic writers, this has only shot up even more now. They have to think of everything and it amazes me how much they can put in such a short amount  of space.

Anyway, this new comic of mine once again pokes some light-hearted fun at the wonderful world of superheroes. Please feel free to check it out right here.

-G out

Geek-out fun

28th Jan 2019

The second comic (next one is coming in a few days) and it's a bit different. 

For me, NASA is awesome. I still remember running home from school like a crazy thing back in April 1981 to catch the launch of the first Space Shuttle and being blown away that we were launching a spaceship, into space! Not a test run or anything like that but actually into space. Amazing! Yes, not only am I a comic geek, I also love space. Hey, sue me! :)

And now, NASA have gone and done it again, with the amazing New Horizons probe. It recently zoomed past Kuiper belt object MU69, or Ultima Thule, as it was named, which is 4 BILLION miles from us! When I first saw those images, I was blown away and simply amazed by the sheer magnificence of space and the technological achievement those clever chaps at NASA had mastered. With barely contained excitement, I ran to show my son the first images, hoping the love of all things space would ignite within him. He looked down at the image and, with baited breath, I awaited his comment.

"Yeah, it looks like BB8"

OK. Not quite what I was expecting, but at least he didn't say it looked like a grumpy potato. Either way, I was still impressed. However, it did give me an idea for a quick silly comic :)

Until the next time.


- G out

Welcome to Twistedverse

10th Jan 2019

Firstly, welcome to this tiny corner of this internet thing. I'm pleased you found it. But what exactly is, 'it'? Okay, let's lay the cards on the table.


Many of us love comics  (even those that say they don't, secretly do) and we consume the seemingly endless volume of superhero movies released upon the world - hey, I can't wait for Avengers End Game! But from all the comics and movies i've read and watched, i've often thought it would be funny if the heroes were to succumb to the strange and sometimes sticky situations of us normals. And so the Twistedverse was born! A place to have fun with things. 

However, and i'm going to be completely upfront with you here, there is one tiny, somewhat insignificant problem, I am the worst artist in the world. There are, as of yet, undiscovered amoeba on Titan that could quite easily put my works of art to shame. In fact, I've seen my three-legged dog draw a better circle than me, which is why my comics feature the advanced artistic form known as, 'stick person drawing'. So if you care about your comics having some kind of insane detail, then you're going to be disappointed. But if you don't care about that and just want to have a good chuckle (hopefully), then this may very well suffice.

So, once again, welcome! I hope you enjoy what comes forth and for now, kick back and check out the first comic right here!


- G out

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