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Back to a classic

When I was on a flight to New Zealand, back in 2003, I stumbled upon a movie that made me laugh my ass off. Someone tapped my shoulder and asked me what I was watching, to which I paused the movie and, with tears running down my eyes, told her it was 'Finding Nemo'. She then started watching it and, in turn started laughing. This started a sort of chain reaction and within an hour, our whole section was laughing and, to this day, I love that movie.


But then it gets the Twistedverse treatment :) Yeah, it had to happen. OK, so it's not that bad but, what happens to our favorite characters when they grow up. Do they continue down the happy, joyful path or do they turn to the dark side :)


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new comic and that it brings a smile to your face.


Have a great one and, as always, stay safe out there in this crazy world of ours!


-G out

Toss a coin and new changes


Hello all and welcome! Before we begin with the comic, you may notice a change on this page, in that the comic stories have mysteriously disappeared. Well, I'd decided to try and tidy things up a bit so I created an archive section where I will be placing all the stories around the comics from the past year into. Accessing the comics stays the same i.e. click on that fancy 'Comic' word in the header above for the whole lot or the link that always appears in this sort of area.

So, the new comic. What's it about? I must admit to watching and rather enjoying, 'The Witcher'. I haven't read the books but sunk far too many hours into the games, predominately Witcher 3. Now, i'm sure any of you who have also watched have hummed the tune, "toss a coin..." hehehe, i've got you going again, right? :) But the one thing that stood out to me the most (yeah, blame my weird mind) was Geralt's rather charismatic sword, which I happily put into the latest comic, which I hope you will find somewhat amusing at least :)

Have a great one and, as always, stay safe out there in this crazy world of ours!

-G out


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you were able to ring in the New Year in style with your loved ones; be it friends or family.

This comic is only a short one. I decided to put a few characters togather from over the past year. I hope you enjoy it :) Here's hoping 2020 will be rocking!

Have a great one and, as always, stay safe out there.

-G out

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